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Don’t Miss April 6 Tent Revival of America

Hi Friends and Fans!

As you know we have been feverishly putting together an endeavor laid on our hearts called “Tent Revival of America.”  It is non-profit, non-political and non-denominational.  We are going to towns all across America to lift America back up to God with our Gospel and Patriotic Music Program.  We Honor every Veteran that is there with a certificate “For Serving One Nation Under God.”  We use screens on each side of the stage to show photos and short messages about our country being founded on moral principles (Christianity) and how we were blessed for it.  The entire program is singing and 2-3 minute video clips in between songs.  These events are FREE to all.  We invite everyone in the community, all the churches and veterans organizations to come join us!  It is a great opportunity for churches in your community to come out and touch the public (let them know about your church and much more) that they may not reach otherwise and lift America up to God too!  Lay aside all differences and come together for one night for God and Country.

God has made the way for His plan and idea to become reality!  He provided for a Brand new Red White and Blue Tent!  That was the biggest thing needed to Start “Tent Revival of America.”  It is being picked up Tuesday from Oklahoma.  Of course He didn’t stop there, we now have ALL the things needed for the very first one April 6!  The projector screens for each side of the stage, the projectors, lighting, stage, stage skirting, etc are all ready to be put to work for the Lord!

We will be taking “Tent Revival of America” all across the United States to any rural America town that asks us to come!  It is a Free event to all, it survives off of a love offering.  If you want us to bring “Todd Allen Herendeen’s Tent Revival of America” to your community, PLEASE contact us through to let us know you want it!  We need you to think of a neutral spot like a RV Park or campground, public park or fairground where we can place the tent and hold the event in your area.  What helps is having a person and a church or veterans organization that is in support of bringing it, so we have a bases for starting to let your community to know it’s coming.  Then we call the other churches and veterans organizations and invite them and have them help spread the word!  We have a flyer that you can download and print from our website to hand out to folks.  We also have a Facebook page where you can help spread the flyer for each event.  Any community calendars in your local newspaper and TV or radio helps spread the word too!

April 6 is the very first Tent Revival of America in Bonifay, FL at Florida Springs RV Resort and Campground.  Address is 90 Son in Law Rd. Bonifay , FL 32425.  Music Event starts at 7pm but there is food and other things happening from 4pm on.  Again every event is FREE to all.  Invite everyone you can!  Please Remember to Bring Your Own Lawn Chairs.  Below is the flyer and if you want to download it and print some you can visit and do that.

May 4 we take Tent Revival of America to Ruidoso, New Mexico!  We will have all the details on that event shortly and will let you know so you can help us spread the word!  If you use Facebook please visit and “LIKE” our Page so you can stay up to date and help us SHARE Event Info!

We have our summer schedule set for Gulf World and Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, FL.   You can visit to see our complete schedule calendar.

Thank you SO Very Much to every single one of you who have prayed, tithed and just followed the Lord and gave to help us with Tent Revival of America!  You have been a blessing and a help to take action for America!  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  As we will continue to pray for you too!

Happy Easter!

Todd Allen Herendeen and the Tent Revival of America Team

A Short Video Message from Todd:

Taking Back God and Country

tent revival

Hello Friends and Fans!

After putting out the song “My Name Is America” and spending more than a year traveling this great country God gave us, I realized from all the comments in person and by email, that America is searching for some answers!   People ask us for more gospel and more patriotic music too.  So through prayer, we are in the studio recording a new CD called “God and Country, ” filled with gospel and patriotic music.  God and country, I believe are one, not to be separated.  We are taking it a BIG step farther.  We have formed Tent Revival of America, a Gospel and Patriotic Music Event that we will take all across America to lift our communities and land back up to God.  It is time to look to God, NOT man, to heal our land.  I want to thank you for all your support!  America is still under God and He will hear our call.  Let’s unite and call out to God to heal America.

We are so excited to begin  Tent Revival of America.   To see and hear what exactly Tent Revival of America is all about, Please go to our new web site:  If you can, please help us spread the word about this new event traveling the country, by forwarding this email to your friends! 

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen