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Special Gift I received from Afghanistan

Hello Friends and fans,

We hope you are having a blessed Christmas season!  We must stat by saying how heartbroken we are for the victims and families in the horrific evil Connecticut School shooting.  We are praying for comfort, as only Jesus can give,  to all involved!

We want to share a very special gift we received with you!  It is truly one of our most beloved and prized gifts ever!  It came in a box from Afghanistan.  It is an American Flag that was flown on a combat mission there!  Here are the words on the certificate that came with it:Afghan USA Flag 2

This American Flag is dedicated to
Todd Herendeen and Band
“My Name Is America Tour”
Operation Enduring Freedom
Mission Date 18 November 2012
This American Flag was Flown in Afghanistan on a combat mission in a OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopter. It proudly flew in the face of the enemy and bears witness to the honor, loyalty and selfless service of the service members who have served, those who have lost their lives defending freedom and the spirit of the people of the United States of America.

The gentleman also sent a personal letter.  You can see the photo of both below.  Our words are useless in describing how we felt receiving this!  To think one of our heroes would take time to do this for us, simply makes us have tears of joy!  God Bless you Ayers Family, and all of our heroes serving!  This box hangs proudly in our home.  “My Name Is America” is always dedicated to you!  View the video here:

As for other news, we recently got back from some shows up north and some visiting with family for the season.  We even got to stop at B & K Enterprises Costume Company while In Indiana.  They have all the original design spec for Elvis’s jumpsuits and all the rights from the original designers, Bill Belew and Gene Douchette.  Gene still works for them on all the embroidery!  B & K have done costumes for Movies, (3000 miles to Graceland, yep they did those jumpsuits!!) But not just Elvis costumes, singers stage wear and more.  Butch & Kim are two of the nicest folks and we enjoyed the visit and stories!  (We were there to get some costume goodies for the “Aloha From Hawaii” reproduction concert we are doing  January 24th in Panama City Beach!)  See a photo below.  Check out their website at

We don’t have anymore travel concert dates until January when we head for Georgia.  But we do a lot of exciting shows scheduled in Panama City Beach!  We have two Christmas shows at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom Dec 21 & 22.  Then New Year’s Eve we are at The Holiday Inn Resort also in Panama City Beach, Fl.  Jan 10 we do our annual Elvis birthday Tribute at the Ritz Theatre in Thomaston, GA.  Jan 18 & 19 we are at the Breakers in PCB, FL for our regular full two part legends show.  Jan 24th is the BIG “Aloha From Hawaii” 40th Anniversary Reproduction Concert.  We will perform the entire Elvis Aloha From Hawaii 1973 Concert just as it aired via satellite.   Jan 25, 26, 27 we will be in Apalachicola, FL at the Dixie Theatre performing our Tribute to the Legends show!  Then every Thurs, Fri and Sat in February we will be at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom in Panama City Beach, FL with our Tribute to the Legends show!  So you need to check out our SCHEDULE PAGE on to get ALL the Details!

If you haven’t watched our latest video of a tour of Philadelphia here it is:

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

The Todd Allen Herendeen Show

Philadelphia History Trip

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year!  We believe Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’ Birth through participating in or bringing friends, neighbors, and strangers to church plays and Christmas music productions about Jesus’ Holy birth, singing the Christmas carols from the heart as prayers in honor of Jesus’ birthday, giving gifts to Jesus in thankfulness for all the blessings He has bestowed upon you by giving to others from the heart with random acts kindness expecting nothing in return, and gathering together with family and friends in fellowship thanking and praising God for His gift of Jesus!  Try not to get caught up in what the world has done to the meaning of this holiday 🙂 .

We have been traveling so very much, as you know.  We hear from so many of you that you love us sharing photos and videos from our travels, so we continue to do just that!  We hope you all know we don’t do it for any other reason than to share in our blessings.  We hope to let you learn about America and bring a smile to your face!  For our Philadelphia, PA Trip, we put together a video that has all of our photos as well as video clips of all the historical sights we visited.  This trip was very special for us and we had a wonderful time!  What incredible American History that is in Philadelphia!  Of Course, “My Name Is America” was the reason we were brought out there.  The de Botton family was receiving a philanthropy award for their work for a veterans memorial and wanted our song to be a part of their special night!  We have had fantastic feedback on the video already, so we hope you enjoy it too.  Todd has a special message at the end about a new endeavor for us, let us know what you think and keep us in your prayers please!  Here is the link for the video:  Feel free to share it with friends!

We have a BIG surprise!  We are in the Recording Studio right now working on a very special new CD that you all have been asking for!  (We had to wait for God’s timing!)   It will be our “God and Country” CD full of nothing but Patriotic and old time Gospel Music!!  It is coming out so incredibly well, and we feel the Lord is going to use it in a big way for Him 🙂  Todd was even divinely inspired to write a truly special song about America and Her God.  (This is the title song, “God and Country.”)   We will let you know when it is finished; it will be a couple of months.

We start shows at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom in Panama City Beach, FL Dec 21 & 22.  We have two shows there in January, the 18 & 19 and then in February we perform at The Breakers every Thurs, Fri & Sat!   Make sure you check our schedule at for all the dates and details!

We have a very exciting Show on January 24, 2013 that is part of Gulf World’s Winter Concert Series! We will  Todd will reproduce the “Aloha From Hawaii” Elvis Concert, in it’s entirety.   This is the 40th anniversary of the Historical Concert that was the very first concert beamed via satellite all over the world!  Over One Billion people watched on that night in January of 1973 and the concert still holds the record!  Todd and his band will be joined by a horn section from the “Go Big or Go Home” Band as well as added back up singers, for an all out incredible sound!  Tickets are on sale now, you can call Gulf World at 850-234-5271 or visit for more info.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook, you may want to!  We keep everyone easily updated through there and post lots of photos from our adventures!  Here is our Facebook Page:

“My Name Is America” is close to one million views on You Tube.  We can’t believe it hasn’t hit yet, we think Americans still needs to fall back in Love with America.  If you have not shared it via email yet, please copy and paste this link and do so: . Again all you have to do is highlight that link with your mouse and right click on copy and then paste it in your email.  

Don’t forget to watch the new Philadelphia Video:

Merry Christmas, Be Blessed!

Todd Allen Herendeen Show