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Winter Schedule,”My Name is America” in Express Lane Stores and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We did!  We got to spend it at home so it was nice to have some time off to rest.  Be cause of the Holiday week, the radio stations do not report a chart this week, so We won’t know where “My Name is America” has moved to until the end of this week.  We will let you know as soon as we know!  The song continues to catch attention and open up some great doors for us.  We continue to thank the Lord for giving this song to us.  I have always been a very proud American and Always, Always, Always, thankful to and for our military, but this song has made it easier to show our pride and we hope it helps Americans bring back their pride too!   We are happy to announce that the Express Lane Gas Stations and Convenience Stores will now be carrying our “My Name is America CD’s!  There are over 50 locations in Florida and Georgia!  They are, of course, American Owned and Operated and we are proud to team up with them and want to say thank you to them for making our CD available in their stores!  Check out our pictures of our displays below and if you stop in one of their stores, pick up a CD!

If you haven’t visited our web site and scrolled to the bottom of our Home Page to see the American Pride Calendars, you should!  They really are super cool and have some great American History in them!  We are happy to be affiliated with them now!

December 16, 17 and 23 we will be doing Christmas shows at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom in Panama City Beach, FL.  Be sure and get all the details to make your reservations now at  You can come for dinner and the show or just come for the show.  They do like you to make reservations though.

Don’t forget about New Year’s Eve at Holiday Inn Resort and our January Schedule also!  We have January shows in Georgia, and Apalachicola, FL.  See our Full Schedule on

You also want to go to Gulf World Marine Park’s Website at and check out their Winter Concert Series line up!  They have some really great acts coming this winter and I will, of course, be a part of the series also.  The Platters are coming back, The Return Beatles Tribute, myself and Ray Walker and many more great shows w ill all be right in the beautiful Tropical Garden Theatre at Gulf Word Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL.  They offer ticket packages and deals also.

We do want to give a BIG Thank you to Marilyn Gibson and her family for making us the beautiful Flag afghan pictured below!  It is such a blessing to think our friends and fans take their time and spend it on us.  Words can’t express what each of our friends and fans mean to us.  We mean that.  All of you are just the best no matter what you do or don’t do for us!  But thank you Marilyn for sharing your wonderful talent to make us that beautiful flag!

God Bless and Enjoy these beautiful Holidays!

Todd and the Gang!

Great Show in Illinois, Pictures from Memphis and “My Name is America now number 11!

Thursday November 17 we ended our 10th season and 9th year at Gulf World Marine Park’s Tropical Garden Theatre!  We are so blessed to be a part of such a fantastic venue!  We look forward to many more seasons of fun.  Beginning in January Gulf World will hold it’s Winter Concert Series once again and we will be a part of that.  Tuesday February 21, 2012 we will do another fun show with Ray Walker, The Bass singer of The Jordanaires, as part of their Winter Concert Series!  Click Here to go see all the great concerts that are coming!

While we are speaking of our Winter Schedule- we have news!  We will be performing at The Breakers beautiful Dinner/Showroom again this Winter!  Starting December 16, we will do three Christmas shows on Dec 16, 17 and 23.  Then we will do New Year’s Eve at The Holiday Inn Resort and be back at Breakers in January and February.  Please go to and click on our schedule page to see our full winter schedule!  We have dates in January in Thomaston and Hawkinsville, GA as well as Apalachicola, FL!

Now let’s get to our fun weekend we had!  After the show Thursday at Gulf World in Panama City Beach, FL, we headed out for Centralia, IL.  We did a show on Friday at Kaskaskia College in their beautiful Auditorium!  Below you can see pictures.  They had it decorated for Christmas and we even did a few Christmas songs to get the Holidays kicked off.  Big thank you to all the fine staff and everyone at the college who made us feel so welcome!  We can’t wait to come back!

We spent the night Friday in Illinois and headed out Saturday morning for home.  Some of the band members had never been to Memphis so we went through there and stopped at the Gates of Graceland and took some pictures and walked around a bit.  We also stopped in Sun Studio and look around a while.  We had the awesome oportunity to record there about 10 years ago!  What an incredible experience!   Angel and I have been to Memphis an uncountable number of times, haha, but we enjoy it every time.  So much music history and cool stuff with Beale St. and museums and of course Graceland.  Even if you aren’t an Elvis fan, the Graceland Tour is full of wonderful information and is very cool.  We didn’t have time for tours this time but like I said before, we have done the tours countless times.  Every time we go to the area we take time to search out off the beaten path stuff, so Angel says I am the best Memphis Tour guide there is!  We took the band by Jerry Lee Lewis’s house in Mississippi.  He lives about 25 miles from Graceland.  Below you can see pictures.  He still lives there.  We had a fun weekend and got home safely very late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Our song, “My Name is America” continues to be embraced by the country and we are SO happy for that!  It has climbed to number 11 on the Indie World Country Chart this week!  Plus we have now added another radio promotion Company to get it on even more radio stations.  We have some really exciting other things that are in the works too, and once they are confirmed we can’t wait to share them with you!  It could really be huge exposure for the song!

Another exciting thing that we are now affiliated with is America Pride Calendars.  We met them at the Convention in Daytona.  They heard “My Name is America” and wanted it to be affiliated with them!  Got to our Home Page at and scroll to the bottom to see their banner and click on it to go to their site and get one of their beautiful calendars!  Their calendar and what they stand for is what our song is also all about!  They really are an incredible pairing!  Here is an excerpt from their web site...” History is the Teacher of our Future…Let us return to the principles our Founding Fathers died for which allowed all citizens to have true representation in the laws that govern our country. We the people, who elect the government, who worship in our faith communities, who live in our own neighborhoods must attain the same impending faith that our nation’s founders not only believed in, but spent their lives demonstrating. We must acquire the belief that only individuals united together will effect true change and that change begins within each individual American by rediscovering the true meanings of Patriotism.”   Again you must go to our web site and click on the America Pride picture to get to their site!

We have some Indiana dates coming up December 9 and 10 also.  Be sure and go to www.toddallenherendeen and check out our full schedule.  We wish you all a Very Blessed Thanksgiving!  I know we are always thankful for you fans and your support and for the many blessings the Lord gives us.  Praise Always be to His Name!

God Bless,

Todd and the Gang 🙂 

Conclusion of The Tour- Georgia!

Day 9, Dear Diary…

GET ME OFF THE BUS!!!  LOL!  Just kidding!  I know you all were thinking that!  Hahaha!  We actually had a great trip and everyone was great and didn’t drive each other too crazy!  Really we did have an amazing trip and we have to Thank the Lord for his wonderful protection and keeping us safe.  We got to see some of this amazing country, spread the message of “My Name is America” and make some money while we’re at it!  We ended the tour in Georgia.  Friday night we were in Alapaha, GA for the Station Celebration.  It was our third year in a row and we were so glad to be back!  It was great to see so many of our Georgia and Tifton area friends and fans.  You guys are awesome!  Saturday night we performed at Theatre Dublin in Dublin, GA.  Big thanks to Miss Bessie for having us back for our third time!  And a shout out to our opening act, Sam’s Drive in Band!   We enjoyed working with you!  It was a fun show and beautiful theatre, as you can see below.  Again good to see our Georgia fans who come out every time we come to town.  Our fans rock!  We love you guys!

We are so happy that America is embracing our song “My Name is America.”  It keeps climbing the chart and we keep spreading it’s message wherever we can!  Let’s Unite America, no matter what our party or belief and be proud Americans!  Check out our chart status here:  We rose 4 spots to #13 this week!  Again, we always dedicate it to our military and veterans, but singing it in Alapaha on 11/11/11 was special!

We have our last Thursday night show this season on this Thursday Nov 17 at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL.  Don’t miss it!  We still continue to tour and you can check our Schedule Here: .  Friday Nov 18 we will be in Centralia , IL for a fun show including some Christmas music!  The weekend of December 9 and 10 we head to Indiana for some hometown shows in the area Todd is from!

We certainly had a blessed trip and wonderful adventure.  Praise God again for looking out for us!  He is Awesome!

Below we attached a video we shot in the Grand Ballroom in New York City.  It is of the room being put together for the event. It was really amazing how fast it all went!  Enjoy!

God Bless,

Todd and the Gang for more blog posts

Two Days and Two Shows in New York! Song moves up to 13!!!

Hello out there friends and fans!

We continue our journey as I write!  If you missed our first blog post about he first part of the journey, got too and you can scroll down through all of our past posts!  So far we have been from Panama City Beach, FL to Daytona Beach, FL to New Smyrna Beach, FL to Sharon Springs, NY and then to New York City!  Whew!  It’s been very busy but VERY fun!  It is hard work being on the road for sure, but we love getting to see so much of the beautiful country.

Tuesday night we performed in Sharon Springs, NY.  That is our drummer, Vic Bianchine’s hometown.  He got the show set up at the high school he graduated from’s auditorium.  All of the ticket proceeds went to Sharon Springs Central School’s Music Department.   We want to thank him again for all his hard work getting sponsors and selling tickets!  And a big thank you to the Bianchine Family for all their hard work and wonderful hospitality!  We hope to come back again for another fun show!

We headed out Wednesday morning for New York City!  Todd Allen Herendeen and the FTD Band take on The Big Apple!  Haha!  We actually drove to Parsippany, New Jeresey, which is about 30 miles outside of New York City and got hotel rooms and rented two vans so we could leave the bus outside of the city!  We were told by many that driving the bus into the city and trying to find parking would be almost impossible.  They were NOT exaggerating!  Even in just two vans the traffic was horrific and drivers there are insane, lol!  There are no rules or laws when these people in NYC drive.  there really aren’t any lanes either, ha!  You just honk a lot and try not to hit the people on bikes and the people walking. They run red lights a lot too.  It’s a real experience that we wouldn’t recommend for the faint of heart!  If you go into the city, take a cab (but close your eyes) or walk.  Driving is NOT easy. 🙂  But it was fun and keeps you on your toes.  We did get into the city early enough to go to the 86th floor of the Empire State building to the Observation Deck!  What a view!  You can see some of our pictures below.  It was beautiful.  We then had to get to The Plaza Hotel for set up and sound check for the show.  That had us driving in rush hour traffic, so another adventure!  We were just glad we didn’t drive the bus in.  There are literally no parking lots and certainly nothing big enough for that!  The Plaza Hotel was magnificent!  Our show was in the Grand Ballroom.  As you can see in the pictures below, it was amazing.  What was really amazing was how fast the staff got the room turned from one event to the next!  Unbelievable how many workers and how quickly it got beautiful!  Big thank you to Danny and Bentley/Meeker Company for their great job with sound and lights.  It was a pleasure working with them.  Also Thank you to Laura Wang and CPS Events, who puts the events together at The Plaza.  Laura was a big help to us also.  Jill and ASF, thank you so much for hiring us for your Atlantic Salmon Federation Fundraising Dinner!  It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a classy event.

We got to have dinner at The Plaza before the show (filet mignon) and hang out around the beautiful hotel.  The show was short but sweet and we had a lot of nice compliments from the guests.  After the show we had met a nice young fellow, Matthew, who offered to take us on a walking tour of the city.  What a neat experience that was!  We walked down 5th ave, past all the shops like Tiffany’s, Macy, Saks and more.  We walked into Times Square, we saw Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick’s cathedral and even saw people ice skating in Rockafeller Center.  Rockafeller Center is where they put up the Grand Christmas Tree, but unfortunately it wasn’t up yet.  But you could see some of the huge snow flakes were already  hung and some trees had lights and Saks had their windows covered, already working on their window displays for Christmas!  What an amazing city it is and how much more so at Christmas time!  We didn’t head back to our hotel in New Jersey until about 1 am.  We had a great time walking and taking in the sights.

Thursday morning we left Parsippany, NJ and hit the road for Alapaha, GA.  The traffic ALL day Long was horrendous.  We had to go around Washington DC and other big cities and it just never let up.  We were in traffic 5 hours I think!  Luckily we didn’t have a show on Thursday.  As i write this on Friday morning we are in Georgia almost to Alapaha for the show tonight.  Tomorrow night we will be in Dublin, GA.  We will have one more blog post to wrap up our 10 day Tour in a few days.

We Just got the News that “My Name is America” has moved up 4 spots to number 13 on the Indie Carts!!  We want to say a HUGE Thank You to our Military Past and Present for all they do!  God Bless you and everyday should be Veterans Day!  “My Name is America” our song, is ALWAYS dedicated to you!

Todd Allen Herendeen and the FTD Band have Played NEW YORK CITY!!  Woohoo!

God Bless and Thank you all…


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First of Many Posts for our 10 Day tour! First stops in Florida! Our song is Hot Rising pick of Week!

Hello Everyone!

We always thank you in advance for reading this and being interested in our adventures!  We continue to be blessed with some fantastic opportunities and thank YOU FANS and FRIENDS for all your support!  If you are on our Home blog page reading this (, you will want to make sure you scroll up and down so you can read all of our posts!

“My Name is America” our song, has moved up from #24 to #17 on the Indie Country Chart!!  It moved up more than any other songs this week and was the “Hot Rising” Pick of the week!  We are SO excited and look forward to keeping the excitement growing on this fabulous song!  As we mentioned before we will soon be heading to the next level with Radio Promotion on the song, where we will get even more radio stations playing it and on a bigger commercial level!  So then, hopefully, we can get on the Billboard charts 🙂 What a dream that will be!  America is really embracing this song and we are so happy since it has such a positive message!

We had a great Show on Thursday at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach.  Many of you know that is our “home” theatre and where we perform regularly.  We headed out Friday morning for Daytona Beach and the Florida state Tea Party Convention.  We were asked to go there and sing “My Name is America.”  We want everyone to know that we take advantage of any opportunities that come along to get the message of this great song out!  We don’t necessarily support any one people or party, but as we always say, this song is for ALL Americans!  Performing it gives us a chance to recognize our military heroes, past and present, and spread our message of uniting Americans!  Below you can see pictures from the event.  There were a lot of great speakers there and over a thousand people, so it really was a great opportunity to get the song heard.  That is what we are all about, spreading the song’s great message.  Saturday we had a booth at the convention where we handed out flyers and sold our “My Name is America” Cd’s.  I then sang “My Name is America” to start off the evening events.  There were probably about 1000 people there and it brought them to their feet at the end!  It was really incredible!  I had a cab waiting outside for when I finished the song so I could go directly to the airport and get on a chartered plane to take me to our show in Northport, FL.  (Big thanks to my buddy Vaughn for that!) The band had already gone on ahead in the bus and set up and started playing, waiting for me to get there!  The weather was windy and we had a couple of delays but I made it and did the show!  Want to thank everyone in Northport, for hanging out and enjoying my band waiting for me!  And thank you to my band for doing such a great job entertaining the folks until I got there!  We did have some folks at the show who had to leave before I got there, and we will be going back to Northport on March 31st and the show will be free to the public, so we can make up to anyone who missed us this time!  We always want you fans to know how much you mean to us.

After the show in Northport on Saturday night we headed back to Daytona Beach so I could sing “My Name is America” again on Sunday.  That afternoon we drove to New Smyrna Beach where we were hired to do our show at The First Church of The Nazarene.  It was a great evening and we want to thank Pastor Allen and his wife Trish for such a blessed evening.  We really enjoyed their church and it’s people!  I think we mentioned before that we do go to churches and do a special show with a lot more gospel music mixed in with some great message songs.  If you know or have a church you would like us to come to, we try to add them onto weekends in a part of the country we are already booked in.  Email us at or talk with your pastor about having us come perform!

As you read this we are on the bus in South Carolina headed to Sharon Springs, NY for our show there tomorrow.  We hope to update you with another Blog post on Thursday after our shows in Sharon Springs and New York City.  We will take a lot of pictures so you can feel like you were there with us!

Don’t forget if you hear “My Name is America” on your local radio, call in and let them know you if you liked it!

God Bless,

Todd and The gang