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tent revival

Hello Friends and Fans!

After putting out the song “My Name Is America” and spending more than a year traveling this great country God gave us, I realized from all the comments in person and by email, that America is searching for some answers!   People ask us for more gospel and more patriotic music too.  So through prayer, we are in the studio recording a new CD called “God and Country, ” filled with gospel and patriotic music.  God and country, I believe are one, not to be separated.  We are taking it a BIG step farther.  We have formed Tent Revival of America, a Gospel and Patriotic Music Event that we will take all across America to lift our communities and land back up to God.  It is time to look to God, NOT man, to heal our land.  I want to thank you for all your support!  America is still under God and He will hear our call.  Let’s unite and call out to God to heal America.

We are so excited to begin  Tent Revival of America.   To see and hear what exactly Tent Revival of America is all about, Please go to our new web site:  If you can, please help us spread the word about this new event traveling the country, by forwarding this email to your friends! 

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen

Comments on: "Taking Back God and Country" (1)

  1. edna santoro said:

    Have you made a recording yetfor the occasion??


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