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Whirlwind 9 shows in 11 days, Santorum, Gingrich, Romney, Song charts and more!

Hello friends and fans!

Setting up in Jacksonville at the omni

We have had a busy week and a half to say the least! Starting in Jacksonville, Fl we were asked to be a part of a Florida Freedom Rally

because of our song “My Name is America.” Below we have pictures of that and the rest of our tour.

From Jacksonville on the 19th we headed to Southern Pines in Frostproof, FL  for a super fun show!  Thanks

Avon Park Lakes Baptist Church

for a packed house there!

The following Night, Saturday, we did a show in Avon Park, FL. Another great time and full house. Thank you

to my parents for their wonderful hospitality while we were in town. We even ended up doing our show Sunday at their church. We thoroughly enjoyed that. It’s a blessing to perform in the Lord’s house.

Monday morning we headed to The Villages in Florida. We were asked to sing “My Name is America” at an event where presidential hopeful Rick Santorum was speaking. We got to meet and speak with Mr. Santorum for the third time. He actually did remember Todd before he even reminded him!  He explained to him the story behind “My Name is America” (if the statue of Liberty could speak, she may say this) and gave him a copy of it.  He seems a very nice man.  We would also like to thank Pam Dahl and the Tri county Tea Party for hosting the event and giving voters a chance to hear from ALL of the candidates running, so people can make educated voting decisions.

Speaking with Rick Santorum

Todd and Mr. Ron McNeil who is running for U.S. Senate

We also performed again that evening at an event where Ron McNeil, who is running for U.S. senate, spoke. Tuesday evening we did a show at the Sea Breeze Center in The Villages. Afterwards Mr.  McNeil spoke to educate voters once again on what we the people must do to help better America. Thank you to him and his campaign team for including us in the evening.  Todd does not normally voice his political views but he would like to say that he is supporting Mr. Ron McNeil for U.S. Senate.  We hope you will  research Mr. McNeil and make an educated decision on whether or not to vote for him.

By Thursday we were back in Jacksonville for the Republican debate.  Early in the day Todd met Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich and got a chance to have a conversation with them and tell them about “My Name is America.”   Todd asked Mrs. Gingrich how they were feeling after being on the campaign trail and travelling so much, and she said they were still doing well.  Todd commented on how well they looked and she said they have a lot of people to help them stay looking good!  He told her that we have been traveling a lot too and wish we had all the helpers too, and shared a laugh. She then said they had a CD player on their bus and would listen to the song.  Below you can see a couple of pictures.  We jokingly call one the “Newt finally gets to meet Todd Allen Herendeen” photo.  Hahaha!  It is a really neat shot of how all the media was gathered around.

The picture we jokingly titled "Newt finally meets Todd Allen Herendeen" 🙂

Friday we headed to Apalachicola, FL for shows Friday Night, Saturday night, and Sunday Afternoon.  We had two SOLD OUT (really over sold, standing room only) shows on Friday and Saturday and Sunday was a full house!  Thank you fans so very much!  Also a huge thank you to Dixie and Jerry and all the staff at the theatre for making it so much fun to come back each time.  It is great to see these sell out shows happening.  We had sell outs for our Christmas shows at The Breakers in Panama City Beach and another sell out in Hawkinsville, GA earlier this month.

Todd and Mitt Romeny

Saturday afternoon Mitt Romney visited Panama City and Todd was invited to come and be a part of that.  He got to meet Mr. Romney and also got him to sign a copy of “My Name is America”  He spoke with him about the song and gave him a copy also.  We hope any or all of the candidates can and will use the song to help bring pride back to America.  There are several great photos below of their meeting.  We also want to thank Florida Representative Jimmy Patronis for all he does for our community.  We had the privilege to see him at the event also.

We have always said this song, is not for one particular party or people, but for all Americans and that is true.  With this year being an election year in America, the song has gained attention from these candidates and we find that a very good thing, as it helps the song get bigger national exposure!  We think our song has a great message and that America is still the greatest country on earth. We feel it is not wrong to be patriotic and love this country that is still the land of the free and, thank God, the Home of the Brave!

This week has also seen a lot of national press about “My Name is America” hitting the Number One Spot on the Indie Country Chart.  Thank you to Tifton, GA, Panama City, FL and Kendallville, IN for your wonderful articles.

Click Here to read Tifton’s

Click Here to read Panama City’s

Click Here to read Indiana’s You may not be able to read it without an account so here it is-

Herendeen tops Indie music chart
Staff Reports
Monday, January 30, 2012, 10:50am
ROME CITY — Well-known singer, songwriter and entertainer Todd Allen Herendeen, a Noble County native, has the No. 1 song on the Indie World Country Chart.
His first world radio release, “My Name is America,” on the Straight Arrow label, is now the No. 1 independent country song in the United States. On Jan. 6 the song was No. 31 on the New Music Weekly chart and No. 21 on the New Music Weekly Indie Chart. The song — with a patriotic anthem written by Kurt Orning — is also receiving interest from radio stations around the world.
This summer Herendeen will perform for the 11th season at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, Fla., and at the Holiday Inn, also in Panama City Beach. He currently is touring Florida with his band.
He signed a contract with Straight Arrow Records in 2011.
Herendeen is a frequent performer in northeast Indiana, returning to area venues where he got his start as an entertainer. He often performs for benefits and fundraisers. Last September Herendeen performed in a benefit for his brother Scott Herendeen at the American Legion in Rome City. His brother suffered brain damage when his heart unexpectedly stopped.
“When approached to record this song, I was so moved by the power of songwriter Kurt Orning’s words, I immediately agreed to be part of the production,” stated Herendeen on the website.
To download the song and learn more about it, visit
“My Name is America” is currently charting on several others charts.

Country Top 30 Indie Chart
Publication Date: Jan 27, 2012
Artist – Song (Label) This
+ –
5 1 MONTGOMERY GENTRY – Where I Come From (Average Joes Entertainment) 1519 +38 1481 1380 51 30.2
8 2 DK DAVIS – Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go (Route 66) 1497 +91 1406 1237 29 52.1 2
9 3 ELLIEMAY KAY – More Of What Matters (Jett) 1457 +53 1404 1265 23 63.8
2 4 MARTY RAYBON W/T GRAHAM BROWN, JIMMY FORTUNE & TRACE ADKINS – Working On A Building (MCM) 1442 -92 1534 1500 21 69.1
3 5 WILL COX – The Dying Side Of Love (Lawman) 1438 -86 1524 1469 20 72.4 1
11 6 BOBBY DEAN – White Lightning Or Pink Champagne (Lamon) 1409 +49 1360 1254 27 52.6
6 7 RICHARD BURR – Dirty Water (Kickin` Dust) 1378 -74 1452 1360 21 66.1
4 8 SARAH PIERCE – Butterfly Tattoo (Little Bear) 1369 -146 1515 1392 27 51.2 1
14 9 KATHRYN SCHELDT – Almost Cheatin’ (Lamon) 1345 +95 1250 1105 30 45.3 2
12 10 JEFF MADDOX – Take It From Me (Platinum Plus) 1328 +56 1272 1125 31 43.3
17 11 JOHN MAINES JR – Bottle In My Hand (Endless Love) 1306 +123 1183 1017 24 54.9 2
15 12 CHARLIE WOOD – Alabama Stars (Groove Gator) 1284 +77 1207 1065 28 46.3 1
16 13 MISS JEANIE – A Cloud Of Dust (Megalith) 1281 +83 1198 1019 25 51.7
13 14 TAYLOR MADE – Good Love (Little General)  ♦ 1280 +14 1266 1183 33 39.2 1
21 15 BJ BLUE W/BRITTANY ALLYN – So Into You (Cosmopolitan Country) 1226 +120 1106 968 24 51.5 2
18 16 GUY PENROD – More Power To Ya (Servant/Gaither Music Group) 1210 +64 1146 961 30 40.8
19 17 TODD ALLEN HERENDEEN – My Name Is America (Straight Arrow) 1208 +67 1141 979 30 40.7 1
20 18 RICHARD HALL – Old Dog Tags (WHP) 1179 +65 1114 951 21 56.6
22 19 MICHAEL LYNNE – Have A Little Fun (WHP) 1164 +81 1083 946 22 53.4 1
23 20 JIMMY WHITE – Hard Ride (828) 1134 +62 1072 983 25 45.8
24 21 CHERYL K WARNER – As Long As Forever Last (WHP) 1107 +62 1045 925 18 62.0
26 22 BEN WASSON – I Get The Blues When It Rains (Caper) 1062 +94 968 763 25 42.9 2
25 23 PAYTON & CRAZYWATER – Like The First Time (Crazywater) 1060 +92 968 810 19 56.2 1
28 24 TJ MADDUX – The Promised Land (Platinum Plus) 1045 +90 955 827 23 45.9 2
10 25 MATT LITTY – I Can’t Get My Truck To Go Home At Night (Olson Entertainment) 1041 -355 1396 1330 28 37.6 1
30 26 KELLY PARKES – Don’t Make Me (Edge/LCR)  ♦ 1016 +112 904 659 31 33.2 2
29 27 LARRY DEAN – Shine Like A Diamond (Boulevard) 1011 +82 929 799 25 40.9 1
27 28 ROCKIN GRANDMA – Country Fried Country Girl (RGM) 1010 +47 963 883 23 44.4 1
29 MARK ALAN STANSBERRY – Journey Of Life (Ind) 944 NEW   816 700 20 47.7 3
30 BRUCE LARSON – All Because Of You (Busy At Play) 824 NEW   755 675 26 32.1 6
The Above is the new music weekly chart Independent chart.
On the New Music Weekly Main Country chart we are #26.
Artist – Song (Label) This
+ –
Adds Weeks
7 1 BRAD PAISLEY – Camouflage (Arista/RLG) 1618 +115 1503 1430 46 35.6 1 15
3 2 MARTINA MCBRIDE – I’m Gonna Love You Through It (Republic) 1617 +1 1616 1583 45 36.4 1 25
2 3 BAND PERRY – All Your Life (Republic Nashville) 1521 -106 1627 1598 43 35.8 24
8 4 MONTGOMERY GENTRY – Where I Come From (Average Joes Entertainment) 1519 +38 1481 1505 51 30.2 26
11 5 KENNY CHESNEY – Reality (BNA/RLG)  ♦ 1501 +58 1443 1396 43 35.4 15
15 6 DK DAVIS – Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go (Route 66)download mp3 file 1497 +91 1406 1322 29 52.1 2 15
16 7 ELLIEMAY KAY – More Of What Matters (Jett)download mp3 file 1457 +53 1404 1344 23 63.8 17
14 8 KEITH URBAN – You Gonna Fly (Capitol) 1454 +40 1414 1328 43 34.3 13
4 9 MARTY RAYBON W/T GRAHAM BROWN, JIMMY FORTUNE & TRACE ADKINS – Working On A Building (MCM)download mp3 file 1442 -92 1534 1515 21 69.1 21
9 10 DIERKS BENTLEY – Home (Capitol) 1442 -16 1458 1401 42 34.8 16
5 11 WILL COX – The Dying Side Of Love (Lawman)download mp3 file 1438 -86 1524 1505 20 72.4 1 22
19 12 BOBBY DEAN – White Lightning Or Pink Champagne (Lamon)download mp3 file 1409 +49 1360 1315 27 52.6 15
10 13 RICHARD BURR – Dirty Water (Kickin` Dust)download mp3 file 1378 -74 1452 1403 21 66.1 20
17 14 CHRIS YOUNG – You (RCA/RLG)  ♦ 1370 -34 1404 1349 40 34.7 20
27 15 GEORGE STRAIT – Love’s Gonna Make It Alright (MCA) 1369 +178 1191 1077 43 32.3 1 11
6 16 SARAH PIERCE – Butterfly Tattoo (Little Bear) 1369 -146 1515 1460 27 51.2 1 17
22 17 KATHRYN SCHELDT – Almost Cheatin’ (Lamon)download mp3 file 1345 +95 1250 1177 30 45.3 2 14
20 18 JEFF MADDOX – Take It From Me (Platinum Plus)download mp3 file 1328 +56 1272 1195 31 43.3 15
28 19 JOHN MAINES JR – Bottle In My Hand (Endless Love) 1306 +123 1183 1119 24 54.9 2 15
25 20 CHARLIE WOOD – Alabama Stars (Groove Gator) 1284 +77 1207 1139 28 46.3 1 14
26 21 MISS JEANIE – A Cloud Of Dust (Megalith) 1281 +83 1198 1118 25 51.7 13
21 22 TAYLOR MADE – Good Love (Little General)  ♦ 1280 +14 1266 1217 33 39.2 1 18
23 23 BILLY CURRINGTON – Like My Dog (Mercury) 1230 +15 1215 1074 45 27.8 14
32 24 BJ BLUE W/BRITTANY ALLYN – So Into You (Cosmopolitan Country) 1226 +120 1106 1031 24 51.5 2 13
29 25 GUY PENROD – More Power To Ya (Servant/Gaither Music Group) 1210 +64 1146 1050 30 40.8 12
30 26 TODD ALLEN HERENDEEN – My Name Is America (Straight Arrow)download mp3 file 1208 +67 1141 1060 30 40.7 1 17
35 27 TAYLOR SWIFT – Ours (Big Machine/Universal)  ♦ 1186 +134 1052 895 46 26.2 4 7
31 28 RICHARD HALL – Old Dog Tags (WHP)download mp3 file 1179 +65 1114 1039 21 56.6 10
33 29 MICHAEL LYNNE – Have A Little Fun (WHP)download mp3 file 1164 +81 1083 1021 22 53.4 1 10
34 30 JIMMY WHITE – Hard Ride (828) 1134 +62 1072 1022 25 45.8 17
36 31 CHERYL K WARNER – As Long As Forever Last (WHP)download mp3 file 1107 +62 1045 997 18 62.0 12
37 32 TOBY KEITH – Red Solo Cup (Show Dog/Universal)  ♦ 1092 +88 1004 980 36 30.8 3 14
39 33 BEN WASSON – I Get The Blues When It Rains (Caper) 1062 +94 968 900 25 42.9 2 10
38 34 PAYTON & CRAZYWATER – Like The First Time (Crazywater) 1060 +92 968 871 19 56.2 1 12
41 35 TJ MADDUX – The Promised Land (Platinum Plus)download mp3 file 1045 +90 955 888 23 45.9 2 13
18 36 MATT LITTY – I Can’t Get My Truck To Go Home At Night (Olson Entertainment)download mp3 file 1041 -355 1396 1366 28 37.6 1 34
44 37 KELLY PARKES – Don’t Make Me (Edge/LCR)  ♦download mp3 file 1016 +112 904 795 31 33.2 2 8
43 38 LARRY DEAN – Shine Like A Diamond (Boulevard) 1011 +82 929 856 25 40.9 1 11
40 39 ROCKIN GRANDMA – Country Fried Country Girl (RGM)download mp3 file 1010 +47 963 912 23 44.4 1 15
49 40 MARK ALAN STANSBERRY – Journey Of Life (Ind) 944 +128 816 753 20 47.7 3 9
41 LADY ANTEBELLUM – Dancin’ Away With My Heart (Capitol)  ♦ 926 NEW   782 574 39 24.2 2 5
42 JAKE OWEN – Alone With You (RCA/RLG) 914 NEW   783 724 33 28.1 2 13
50 43 LEE BRICE – A Woman Like You (Curb)  ♦ 883 +82 801 747 38 23.7 1 13
48 44 SCOTTY MCCREERY – The Trouble With Girls (19 Entertainment)  ♦ 881 +43 838 796 34 26.4 1 15
45 BLAKE SHELTON – Drink On It (WB/WEA) 861 NEW   624 367 39 22.5 8 4
46 TIM MCGRAW – Better Than I Used To Be (Curb) 833 NEW   699 542 40 21.3 1 6
47 BRUCE LARSON – All Because Of You (Busy At Play)download mp3 file 824 NEW   755 684 26 32.1 6 10
48 ANDY GIBSON – Wanna Make You Love Me (R & J) 688 NEW   640 632 28 25.0 1 17
49 TRACE ADKINS – Million Dollar View (Show Dog/Universal) 674 NEW   659 624 28 24.5 1 11
50 BRANTLEY GILBERT – You Don’t Know Her Like I Do (Valory Music/Universal)  ♦ 645 NEW   525 372 32 20.6 6 6
Exciting times!  Thank you radio for playing this amazing song!
Don’t forget that Gulf World Marine Park’s Winter Concert Series has begun.  Click Here to learn more and see who is coming to

The New Garden Room at Gulf World Marine Park

perform!  Todd will be the MC for most of the concerts.  He may even sing his new hit song…  Did you know Gulf World also now has a new room upstairs above the theatre that they just remodeled.  It is called The Garden Room (it overlooks the tropical garden below) and it now has beautiful new carpeting, a dance floor, new lighting and much more.  It is fully prepared and available to rent for parties, meetings and more.  Click Here to learn more about it.

The Todd Allen Herendeen Show performs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in February at The Breakers in Panama City Beach, FL.  Please call 850-234-6060 to make reservations, as it tends to fill up fast!  You can join us for dinner and the show or just come for the show.  Come join us for a spectacular show in a fantastic Vegas style show room!
We will be releasing the “Official” YouTube Video for “My Name Is America” this week.  There have been a couple of others that have been put up, but not by us.  We ask that you wait for the official one and then Share it like crazy on Facebook, Twitter, Email and any other way, to help get it out to the world!  We will do a special Blog post when we release it and you will be able to forward that to all in your email contacts.  We sincerely appreciate your help in spreading the song’s great message.  Also tell everyone they can always get a copy of the song and stay up to date on all the news by visiting
We are working hard, keep us in your prayers.  We love each and every one of you, you now that.
God Bless,
The Todd Allen Herendeen Show

“My Name Is America” Stays number 3, can still move up, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings Everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!  It’s not about gifts, but love.

Our song, “My Name is America” has held at number 3 for the second week!  The top three spots of the Indie World Country Chart actually stayed the same, so we still have a great chance to move up!  Charting will not take place this week because of Christmas.  We have also broken onto some of the “major” charts, meaning the song is competing with “major label artists.”  How exciting is that?!  We are getting more and more bigger, commercial stations playing the song.  We do still have some other exciting things that could happen with the song also!  Keep us in your prayers.

We had two SOLD OUT performances at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom for Christmas!  Thank you fans!  We have one more Christmas show there this Friday Dec 23 and it is already close to full.  You can still make reservations at  850-234-6060.

We are part of The Holiday Inn Resort’s Big New Year’s Eve Bash this year!  They have incredible pricing for dinner, show, party, breakfast and room packages!  Visit their website for more info:  Below you can also see a couple of pictures from a video promo shoot we did for this.

Our January Schedule is exciting, including Thomaston, Georgia Jan 5, Hawkinsville, Georgia Jan 7, Breakers Jan 13, 14, The Villages, FL Jan 24, and  Apalachicola, FL Jan 27, 28, 29!   See for complete info.

We will perform at Breakers Every Thursday, Friday , Saturday in February.  February is a big month at Gulf World Maine Park too, as they hold their Winter Concert Series.  We have a Big Show with Ray Walker, Bass singer for The Jordanaires on Tues Feb 21!  You won’t want to miss that incredible performance with tons of music history.  Click Here for more info on Gulf World’s Winter Concert Series.

We want to take a moment to thank All three of these incredible venues, Gulf World Marine Park, Holiday Inn Resort and The Breakers, for hiring our show.  We cannot express what it means to us for them to think enough of us to make us a part of their fabulous venues.  It is such a blessing to have the work.

Don’t forget you can order “My Name is America” CD’s for gifts from  Downloads from ITunes and are also available from there.

My band and I are all thankful to God for the greatest gift ever, Jesus.   We are all Christians and are not ashamed of the good that that teaches or brings.  No matter what you believe in or celebrate, we love you and are thankful for you too.  We wish all of you happiness and blessings for the new year!   We hope you know how much we REALLY Love all of you fans/friends.

Merry Christmas and Fabulous New Year,

Todd Allen Herendeen and The Follow That Dream Band

Merry Christmas from Todd and The FTD Band, L to R: Derek, Anthony, Angel, Todd, Bernie, Vic.

Great weekend Meeting Jeffrey Earnhardt & fun shows, plus we’re moving up the chart, & special guest Jack Greene this Thursday!

Hi everyone!

Wow what a weekend!  We started Thursday at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City beach, FL, which most of you know is our home theatre to perform in.  (And one of our proud sponsors!)    We had a great crowd and fun show!  Friday we had a chance to go and support the local college by attending the play “Amadeus.”  We would like to thank our students that come to our shows quite frequently and say that we really enjoyed going to see them perform!  Saturday we had a chance to meet and hang out with Jeffrey Earnhardt!  He is of course, the grandson of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt.  He was in Panama City Beach at the Holiday Inn Resort signing autographs and meeting fans.  He will be driving in the NASCAR truck series race at Talladega next Saturday.  He is a great guy and you should absolutely check out his FACEBOOK page and “LIKE” him!  We really enjoyed our time with him!  Plus, see, you never know what the Holiday Inn Resort has up it’s sleeve!  It’s a great vacation destination here in Panama City Beach.  🙂  We are proud to be associated with both of our sponsors who we call friends.   Saturday eveing we had a show in Sopchoppy, FL at one of the neatest little auditoriums around!  Sopchoppy Opry is a fantastic old restored school auditorium with tons of history!  We really enjoy performing there and were glad to be back for a 2nd time.   If you want to catch a show, the Sopchoppy Opry is open to the public the last Saturday in every month except December.  Click HERE for more info.  Speaking of Opry, this Thursday at our show at Gulf World we will have a special guest star!  Grand Ole Opry Legend Jack Greene will sing a couple of his many hits during our show!  (Like There Goes my Everything & Statue of a Fool!)  We are honored to have this legend.  The show is the normal start time of 7:30pm.  Jack will have CD’s sales and autographs available.  Come join us for a fun night and see a part of music history live, with this legend!

Have you heard our new song “MY Name is America” yet?  If not, you need to head on over to and check it out!  You can order your copy there and also, it is now available for the first time on Itunes and for download!  We are getting such a great response to this song.  It has such a timeless message about our country and our people.  AND WE HAVE MOVED UP THE INDIE CHART!  #28 This week!  We are getting radio play and are still working hard on getting more stations to play it!  Check the chart out here:

Enjoy the photos below of exciting journey!

God Bless~

Got the chance to Visit a 3rd grade class

Today I went to visit a 3rd grade class in Panama City. One of the little boys in it came to our show last week and told me his teacher had played our song for the class during their “America week”. He said he then wanted to come see the guy who sang that cool song! How cool is that?! To be a GOOD influence on kids makes it all so awesome! So I went to his classroom and talked a little about how important it is to get an education no matter what you do, sports, singing, just anything. It was really neat, I bet I enjoyed as much as the kids did!

Chance to Promote our song at the Republican Convention

Yes we had the wonderful opportunity to go with Talk Radio Host Burnie Thompson to Orlando and take in the Republican Debate and meet the candidates for president as well as some other gentlemen in the House and Senate and Fox News Anchors.  We feel very blessed to have the chance to promote our new song “My Name is America” to this audience!  The song itself is for EVERY American, no parties or groups attached.  Our message is if the Statue of Liberty could speak, she would say the words in the song to bring Americans TOGETHER again and restore our values.  Be proud of the country that gives you the freedom to do as you please!  Below are photos of some of the people we met.  We even were on the Sean Hannity show in the background of where they were shooting!  How fun was that, having all you fans send us pictures and video clips of us standing there in the background! Too cool!  Our bus was parked with all the other media vans outside the convention center and certainly attracted a lot of attention, as it is designed to do!  We thank our sponsors Gulf World Marine Park and Holiday Inn Resort both in Panama City Beach, FL for all of their support on this “My Name is America” project and journey!  They are simply some of the finest people on this earth.  They believe as you fans do, in me and my group but also in this powerful song we have been blessed with.  So begins the “My Name is America” Journey… Hang in there with us and enjoy the ride!  Visit our websites also: and  

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