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Story Behind Song My Name is America Videos and Photos

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to have had a fantastic weekend of shows here in Panama City Beach.  The song writer of “My Name is America,”  Kurt Orning, flew into town for TV, Radio and Newspaper press about the song hitting #1 on the Independent country chart.  He also joined us for a celebration party for all those involved int he project.  We had never met, though we had talked by phone.  We had him join us on stage during our shows both Friday and Saturday, before we sang “My Name is America,”  so he could share his story of how he came to write it.  It was absolutely amazing to hear!  Below we have a video of one of those nights.  We know you will enjoy it.  Also below you will find some videos of our TV appearances.  You can hear radio interviews and find more at  If you love this song as much as we do, we ask that you share these email updates that we send you to your friends!  Just as we all share many different emails that we like, hit the forward button!  We will soon have a YOU TUBE Video of the song with a photo slideshow to go along with it.  We will be sharing that with you as soon as it is done and we ask again that you would share that with as many people as possible!  Spreading the message of this song is our goal!  The song continues to climb other charts and we will be updating you on those stats now that we have one chart conquered.

We hit the road for 6 shows in 6 days starting Thursday Jan 19.  This is also Angel’s birthday and we want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Don’t forget to visit our website for our full tour schedule! We will be in central/south Florida this weekend next weekend Apalachicola, FL!  There are still tickets available, I believe, for some of the Apalachicola Shows, so get them now!

Gulf World Marine Park’s beautiful indoor state-of-the-art Tropical Garden Theatre will begin it’s Yearly Winter Concert Series January 28.  Click Here to get more information on ALL of the incredible concerts that are coming!

This summer we will performing at both Gulf World and Holiday Inn Resort here in Panama City Beach, FL.  Holiday Inn recently put a new story about us on their web site: Check it out by clicking here.

Below we have also added some more photos from the B.B. King opener.  Big thank you to for the photos and Hess Entertainment for the concert!  It was incredible.

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen

MY NAME IS AMERICA Number One Independent Country Song!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had great Holidays, we sure did!  We got a great start to our new year also- “our song “My Name is America” is #1 on the Independent Country Chart!  Thank God for all his blessings. Hard work does pay off if you just keep plugging along.  We also thank Gulf World Marine Park for ALL they do in giving us a great venue to perform in and call home.  Without someone believing in you, it’s a much tougher road!  So that means we MUST thank our FANS for believing and supporting us for many years.  You also made this possible.  We cannot name everyone who has passed through our lives and helped us along the way, but each one who has came and known us are an important part of making us what we are.  So we are thankful.  And this is only the beginning of a great year!  We have so many exciting things that are happening.  From getting our CD’s in over 50 Express Lane Stores, getting on I Tunes and Amazon, to a number one song, our beautiful country is crying out and ready to say “My Name is AMERICA!”  After all that is what this song is all about, uniting America and being proud of her again.

We recently had Three Christmas Shows at The Breakers in Panama City Beach, FL and ALL THREE WERE FULL HOUSES!  Sold out!  Our fans are just so supportive and again we always want you to know we realize this and thank you!  New Year’s Eve at The Holiday Inn Resort was a rockin Night!  What a blast!   We also recently traveled to Thomaston, GA and The Ritz Theatre.  Thank you Malcolm and Amy for a great venue.  What a crowd we had too!  So excited- up and dancing in the aisles!  Awesome!  From there we went to Hawkinsville, GA for a SOLD OUT House!  Thank you Julie and Mike for everything.  Another Fun Night at a great venue!  Below you can see pictures.

We have a busy schedule this month- be Sure and check it out here.  Big evening on January 19 in Jacksonville, FL.  Florida Freedom Rally.  Click Here for all the info.  Avon Park, FL, Apalachicola, FL and more!  Plus this weekend  the 13 and 14 we perform at the Breakers in Panama City Beach, FL. In February we will be at Breakers every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the entire month.

Don’t forget about Gulf World Marine Park’ s WINTER CONCERT SERIES.  It begins Jan 28 and goes through February.  Concerts include Tribute To Patsy Cline by Margo Anderson, John Bull Blues Band, The World Famous Platters from Branson, Go Big or Go Home Band, Piano Man Todd Williams, Guy Lombardo, Joey Dee and The Starliters, Ray Walker and Todd Allen Herendeen, and The Return Beatles Tribute.  We are very excited to do another incredible show with Mr. Ray Walker, The Bass Singer of The Jordanaires on February 21.  He is full of so much music history!

We have press releases available for newspaper and radio about “My Name is America” being Number One on the charts.  If you would like an interview with Todd please got to or for contact information.

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen

“My Name Is America” Stays number 3, can still move up, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings Everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!  It’s not about gifts, but love.

Our song, “My Name is America” has held at number 3 for the second week!  The top three spots of the Indie World Country Chart actually stayed the same, so we still have a great chance to move up!  Charting will not take place this week because of Christmas.  We have also broken onto some of the “major” charts, meaning the song is competing with “major label artists.”  How exciting is that?!  We are getting more and more bigger, commercial stations playing the song.  We do still have some other exciting things that could happen with the song also!  Keep us in your prayers.

We had two SOLD OUT performances at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom for Christmas!  Thank you fans!  We have one more Christmas show there this Friday Dec 23 and it is already close to full.  You can still make reservations at  850-234-6060.

We are part of The Holiday Inn Resort’s Big New Year’s Eve Bash this year!  They have incredible pricing for dinner, show, party, breakfast and room packages!  Visit their website for more info:  Below you can also see a couple of pictures from a video promo shoot we did for this.

Our January Schedule is exciting, including Thomaston, Georgia Jan 5, Hawkinsville, Georgia Jan 7, Breakers Jan 13, 14, The Villages, FL Jan 24, and  Apalachicola, FL Jan 27, 28, 29!   See for complete info.

We will perform at Breakers Every Thursday, Friday , Saturday in February.  February is a big month at Gulf World Maine Park too, as they hold their Winter Concert Series.  We have a Big Show with Ray Walker, Bass singer for The Jordanaires on Tues Feb 21!  You won’t want to miss that incredible performance with tons of music history.  Click Here for more info on Gulf World’s Winter Concert Series.

We want to take a moment to thank All three of these incredible venues, Gulf World Marine Park, Holiday Inn Resort and The Breakers, for hiring our show.  We cannot express what it means to us for them to think enough of us to make us a part of their fabulous venues.  It is such a blessing to have the work.

Don’t forget you can order “My Name is America” CD’s for gifts from  Downloads from ITunes and are also available from there.

My band and I are all thankful to God for the greatest gift ever, Jesus.   We are all Christians and are not ashamed of the good that that teaches or brings.  No matter what you believe in or celebrate, we love you and are thankful for you too.  We wish all of you happiness and blessings for the new year!   We hope you know how much we REALLY Love all of you fans/friends.

Merry Christmas and Fabulous New Year,

Todd Allen Herendeen and The Follow That Dream Band

Merry Christmas from Todd and The FTD Band, L to R: Derek, Anthony, Angel, Todd, Bernie, Vic.

Two Days and Two Shows in New York! Song moves up to 13!!!

Hello out there friends and fans!

We continue our journey as I write!  If you missed our first blog post about he first part of the journey, got too and you can scroll down through all of our past posts!  So far we have been from Panama City Beach, FL to Daytona Beach, FL to New Smyrna Beach, FL to Sharon Springs, NY and then to New York City!  Whew!  It’s been very busy but VERY fun!  It is hard work being on the road for sure, but we love getting to see so much of the beautiful country.

Tuesday night we performed in Sharon Springs, NY.  That is our drummer, Vic Bianchine’s hometown.  He got the show set up at the high school he graduated from’s auditorium.  All of the ticket proceeds went to Sharon Springs Central School’s Music Department.   We want to thank him again for all his hard work getting sponsors and selling tickets!  And a big thank you to the Bianchine Family for all their hard work and wonderful hospitality!  We hope to come back again for another fun show!

We headed out Wednesday morning for New York City!  Todd Allen Herendeen and the FTD Band take on The Big Apple!  Haha!  We actually drove to Parsippany, New Jeresey, which is about 30 miles outside of New York City and got hotel rooms and rented two vans so we could leave the bus outside of the city!  We were told by many that driving the bus into the city and trying to find parking would be almost impossible.  They were NOT exaggerating!  Even in just two vans the traffic was horrific and drivers there are insane, lol!  There are no rules or laws when these people in NYC drive.  there really aren’t any lanes either, ha!  You just honk a lot and try not to hit the people on bikes and the people walking. They run red lights a lot too.  It’s a real experience that we wouldn’t recommend for the faint of heart!  If you go into the city, take a cab (but close your eyes) or walk.  Driving is NOT easy. 🙂  But it was fun and keeps you on your toes.  We did get into the city early enough to go to the 86th floor of the Empire State building to the Observation Deck!  What a view!  You can see some of our pictures below.  It was beautiful.  We then had to get to The Plaza Hotel for set up and sound check for the show.  That had us driving in rush hour traffic, so another adventure!  We were just glad we didn’t drive the bus in.  There are literally no parking lots and certainly nothing big enough for that!  The Plaza Hotel was magnificent!  Our show was in the Grand Ballroom.  As you can see in the pictures below, it was amazing.  What was really amazing was how fast the staff got the room turned from one event to the next!  Unbelievable how many workers and how quickly it got beautiful!  Big thank you to Danny and Bentley/Meeker Company for their great job with sound and lights.  It was a pleasure working with them.  Also Thank you to Laura Wang and CPS Events, who puts the events together at The Plaza.  Laura was a big help to us also.  Jill and ASF, thank you so much for hiring us for your Atlantic Salmon Federation Fundraising Dinner!  It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a classy event.

We got to have dinner at The Plaza before the show (filet mignon) and hang out around the beautiful hotel.  The show was short but sweet and we had a lot of nice compliments from the guests.  After the show we had met a nice young fellow, Matthew, who offered to take us on a walking tour of the city.  What a neat experience that was!  We walked down 5th ave, past all the shops like Tiffany’s, Macy, Saks and more.  We walked into Times Square, we saw Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick’s cathedral and even saw people ice skating in Rockafeller Center.  Rockafeller Center is where they put up the Grand Christmas Tree, but unfortunately it wasn’t up yet.  But you could see some of the huge snow flakes were already  hung and some trees had lights and Saks had their windows covered, already working on their window displays for Christmas!  What an amazing city it is and how much more so at Christmas time!  We didn’t head back to our hotel in New Jersey until about 1 am.  We had a great time walking and taking in the sights.

Thursday morning we left Parsippany, NJ and hit the road for Alapaha, GA.  The traffic ALL day Long was horrendous.  We had to go around Washington DC and other big cities and it just never let up.  We were in traffic 5 hours I think!  Luckily we didn’t have a show on Thursday.  As i write this on Friday morning we are in Georgia almost to Alapaha for the show tonight.  Tomorrow night we will be in Dublin, GA.  We will have one more blog post to wrap up our 10 day Tour in a few days.

We Just got the News that “My Name is America” has moved up 4 spots to number 13 on the Indie Carts!!  We want to say a HUGE Thank You to our Military Past and Present for all they do!  God Bless you and everyday should be Veterans Day!  “My Name is America” our song, is ALWAYS dedicated to you!

Todd Allen Herendeen and the FTD Band have Played NEW YORK CITY!!  Woohoo!

God Bless and Thank you all…


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Great weekend Meeting Jeffrey Earnhardt & fun shows, plus we’re moving up the chart, & special guest Jack Greene this Thursday!

Hi everyone!

Wow what a weekend!  We started Thursday at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City beach, FL, which most of you know is our home theatre to perform in.  (And one of our proud sponsors!)    We had a great crowd and fun show!  Friday we had a chance to go and support the local college by attending the play “Amadeus.”  We would like to thank our students that come to our shows quite frequently and say that we really enjoyed going to see them perform!  Saturday we had a chance to meet and hang out with Jeffrey Earnhardt!  He is of course, the grandson of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt.  He was in Panama City Beach at the Holiday Inn Resort signing autographs and meeting fans.  He will be driving in the NASCAR truck series race at Talladega next Saturday.  He is a great guy and you should absolutely check out his FACEBOOK page and “LIKE” him!  We really enjoyed our time with him!  Plus, see, you never know what the Holiday Inn Resort has up it’s sleeve!  It’s a great vacation destination here in Panama City Beach.  🙂  We are proud to be associated with both of our sponsors who we call friends.   Saturday eveing we had a show in Sopchoppy, FL at one of the neatest little auditoriums around!  Sopchoppy Opry is a fantastic old restored school auditorium with tons of history!  We really enjoy performing there and were glad to be back for a 2nd time.   If you want to catch a show, the Sopchoppy Opry is open to the public the last Saturday in every month except December.  Click HERE for more info.  Speaking of Opry, this Thursday at our show at Gulf World we will have a special guest star!  Grand Ole Opry Legend Jack Greene will sing a couple of his many hits during our show!  (Like There Goes my Everything & Statue of a Fool!)  We are honored to have this legend.  The show is the normal start time of 7:30pm.  Jack will have CD’s sales and autographs available.  Come join us for a fun night and see a part of music history live, with this legend!

Have you heard our new song “MY Name is America” yet?  If not, you need to head on over to and check it out!  You can order your copy there and also, it is now available for the first time on Itunes and for download!  We are getting such a great response to this song.  It has such a timeless message about our country and our people.  AND WE HAVE MOVED UP THE INDIE CHART!  #28 This week!  We are getting radio play and are still working hard on getting more stations to play it!  Check the chart out here:

Enjoy the photos below of exciting journey!

God Bless~

We are Now on ITunes and Amazon for Music downloads!

We are super excited to announce another milestone reached!  Our song “My Name is America” is now available to download on Itunes and Amazon!  This is just another important piece of this project and getting the song “out there” and noticed! Spread the word about our song to anyone and everyone you know, if you like it! We appreciate ALL your help!  CLICK HERE FOR AMAZON and CLICK HERE FOR ITUNES.

Got the chance to Visit a 3rd grade class

Today I went to visit a 3rd grade class in Panama City. One of the little boys in it came to our show last week and told me his teacher had played our song for the class during their “America week”. He said he then wanted to come see the guy who sang that cool song! How cool is that?! To be a GOOD influence on kids makes it all so awesome! So I went to his classroom and talked a little about how important it is to get an education no matter what you do, sports, singing, just anything. It was really neat, I bet I enjoyed as much as the kids did!